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EIGER is Here!

The EIGER 16M has arrived from Dectris and has been placed in the dry lab until installation on 24-ID-E.

RAPD Update

The computer running RAPD was upgraded during the May shutdown from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6. This included updates to the web server software. Users are encouraged to report any issues with RAPD to NE-CAT staff.

September Status Update

Helium-Filled Flight Path

One of the core research and development projects of the NE-CAT is low-resolution crystallography.  Design and construction of a helium cone to reduce air absorption of Bragg diffraction spots is one of the goals of this core.  A preliminary design of the cone was made and constructed in August 2014. This was used by Wayne Hendrickson group to collect highly redundant data from multiple crystals to use in S-SAD experiments.

May Status Update

Large Capacity Sample Automounter

March Status Update

MD2 Centering Stage Repair

The centering stage for the 24-ID-C MD2 has been repaired by Maatel and re-installed.  It is working fine with no missing steps on X and Y slides.

February Status Update

New Hardware and Software for Annealing Crystals