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Winter 2011 Newsletter

Biannual newsletter for winter 2011 is now available.

January Status Update

NIH establishes NCATS and dissolves NCRR

As a part the NIH plan to start a new center on translational medicine (NCATS), as of December 23, 2011, NCRR has been dissolved by order of Congress and the President of the United States.   With the cessation of NCRR, NE-CAT has been transferred to the new Division of Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

PILATUS-6MF installation on 24-ID-C

November Status Update

Hardware has been built and software has been written to integrate the PILATUS-6MF with the beamline.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the PILATUS-6MF was temporarily installed on 24-ID-C to test the hardware and software.  The PILATUS was tested for 2 days.  Data collection was performed in both shutterless and shuttered modes.  Initial tests show almost no background, excellent statistics, and the possibility to detect crystal diffraction at higher resolution with lower x-ray dose.

References for RAPD

References for programs used by RAPD have now been added to the RAPD wiki. Giving credit is now even easier!

NE-CAT Policy on Configuration Control

NE-CAT is fully committed to comply with the “Configuration Control Work Permit Policy and Procedure ( May 28, 2003)” of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) of Argonne National Laboratory, which states that “It is the responsibility of the APS users, as well as the APS personnel, to ensure that the beamline protection systems are not compromised”.

Work Alone Policy

NE-CAT is fully committed to comply with the “Work Alone” policy of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) which states the following:

  “When the activities involve significant hazards anywhere inside the laboratory, you are not permitted to work alone and you must remain in sight and sound of a second person who understands the work being performed and knows all pertinent emergency procedures.  However, working alone conducting non-hazardous activities is permitted provided someone from the host group is aware that you will be doing so”.