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To gain site access (on-site or to work remotely), make sure all team members register with the APS as far in advance of your initial visit as possible. Members who are not U.S. citizens must allow additional time for approval. 

Regulations have changed with APS and they now require US Citizens to update registration every two years.  Registration needs to be updated for both US citizens and Foreign nationals for this to be remedied.  If you have already updated your registration recently (few days), we should be in good shape.  If you have not, please take care of this immediately as we cannot allow someone to collect data if they do not have approvals.

** The Department of Energy now requires a CV/Resume to accompany all foreign national visit/assignment requests. Minimum requirements include uploading educational and employment history. PDF format is required. **

Please note that site access has NOTHING to do with training.  The only thing it looks at is your registration and approvals.  Please use the User Portal to update your registration.

*** New Requirements for On-Site Access ***

Beginning February 2006, all foreign national visitors and new foreign national employees, upon their initial visit to Argonne, will be required to show proof that they are legally in-status by presenting their INS documentation at the Argonne Reception Center (Or gatehouse if after hours) before an employee badge or visitor gate pass will be issued. Please advise all members of your party of ANL's new policy so that they are prepared to produce their passport along with their visa, or other applicable documentation such as their I-94, I-20, DS-2019, EAD, etc.

--> New States recently added (January 10, 2016). They are bold and underlined. <--

As of June 1, 2015 regular driver's licenses and ID cards from the following states will be not acceptable identification. You will be required to have Passport or Passport card, Federally issued ID, HSPD-12 cards, or an Enhanced license from Minnesota and New York. 

Non-Real ID states: 
* American Samoa * Arizona * Louisiana * Minnesota *New Hampshire * New York * Illinois * Missouri * New Mexico * Washington 

If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately.

Please follow the APS User Registration process at the User Portal.