Remote Data Download

Portion of NE-CAT Remote landing page, showing location of Sync button in list of Remote sessions

If you collected your data via remote, you can download your data using the sync script.  Click 'sync' button next to the session you want to download on the homepage of the NE-CAT Remote GUI.  This will download the sync script to your machine.  

You run the script from a terminal window on Linux or Apple systems using python; i.e.  'python <name of script>.py'.  Running the command with no options will print a usage message, showing a set of options which you can use for downloading your data.  To download your data, run the script with your chosen options. This script runs rsync to transfer data to your filesystem, so if the transfer is interrupted you can simply restart the script in the same location and it will continue copying data that was not transferred.

The sync script that you download expires after a week. If you still need to download data from a session after your download script has expired, simply return to the NE-CAT Remote GUI and download the sync script again, this resets the time limit.