Remote Data Collection

Remote Data Collection is available to all NE-CAT users through our custom browser based general user interface (GUI). The GUI will work on most current web browsers but is designed to work in up to date versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported.

---> Remote Login

Instructions for preparing and performing remote data collection can be found on our website ( 
To collect data remotely, please be advised of the following:
    - APS requires ALL remote users to be current on ESH223 training (Cybersecurity Annual Education and Awareness).  If needed, this can be taken online, at
    - ALL remote users must be listed on the ESAF with user type set to 'Remote'.
    - Since you will be using the robot, make sure you have the correct ALS or HT style pins. Information on proper pins and pucks can be found at  in our abbreviated robot manual.