Crystallography Workshop

Dr. David Neau teaching at the Boston workshop
NE-CAT is pleased to offer our Practical Crystallography Course June 3-6, 2024 at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee.  The course will be a four day workshop hosted NE-CAT and Dr. Jamaine Davis.  We are currently planning for four full days. Breakfast, Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.  The workshop remains free, but students are responsible for their own lodging and transportation.  SBGrid will be providing access to virtual servers running all crystallography software in the course.  Students will need a laptop with a web browser to access the virtual servers.  The workshop is limited to 20 participants.  Priority will be given to those with data and/or problematic datasets but curated datasets are also available for practice.  Preliminary Agenda below.
  • Day 1
  • Data Processing with XDS – Integration
  • Data Processing with POINTLESS, AIMLESS, CAD, TRUNCATE, FREERFLAG - Spacegroups, Scaling, MTZ files
  • Data Analysis, (Molrep, xtriage, matthews) - Non-Crystallographic Symmetry, Pseudo-translation, Twinning
  • Day 2
  • De Novo Phasing using ShelxC/D/E with HKL2MAP
  • AutoSol
  • Making a MR model with AlphaFold2
  • Molecular Replacement using PHASER
  • Day 3
  • Is my structure solved? FOM, LLG, RFZ/TFZ, CCall/CCweak
  • Model Building and Refinement (using Coot and phenix.refine)
  • Publishing, data collection statistic table (phenix.table1) including what is acceptable for publication, PYMOL
Kay Perry, Jamaine Davis
June 3-6, 2024
1023 21st Avenue N
West Basic Sciences Bldg, Room M202
Nashville, TN 32708
Newer Laptop with updated web browser (4GB+ RAM reccommended, any operating system: MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Windows)
Application (Participants will be notified in late-April of acceptance.)