Travel Information

Site Access

Argonne is a controlled-access facility and you will need documentation as well as a gate pass.  Visit the APS Website for a full list of instructions on how to obtain site access.

Onsite Hotel

The Argonne Guest House is an onsite hotel that gives special rates for APS Users. Please contact them for reservations.

  • 630.739.6000 (Main Desk)
  • Email


APS has the following transportation resource available.  This is a comprehensive list for bus/limo/rental car and taxis. 

The limo service that we have the most experience with can be reached at:

United Limosine

  • 800.826.0341 (Outside of Illinois)
  • 800.331.9037 (Within Illinois)

Onsite Childcare

Short-term care can be obtained at the Argonne Child Development Center.  -Flyer-