Puck Loaning Program

Puck Shipping Kit for Puck Loan Program


NE-CAT has purchased several sets of ALS-Style Pucks and Tools.  Users can either load the pucks on-site at the NE-CAT beamlines (we have handy tools to make it as painless as possible) or have the pucks shipped to their home lab. Users must agree to the following policy in order to participate in the puck loan program.

  1. These pucks are solely for use at NE-CAT beamlines. We will not loan the pucks for use at other beamlines.
  2. Only one set of pucks (seven pucks and related tools) will be loaned to a lab at a time.
  3. Pucks will be shipped to users no earlier than two weeks in advance of the scheduled beamtime. The pucks must be returned to NE-CAT within one week after completion of the experiment.
  4. Users will be responsible for replacing pucks or tools that are damaged or lost when in the users’ possession. It will be user’s responsibility to cover the cost of shipping. The pucks and tools must be insured for $3500 when shipped.
  5. Users who do not follow this policy will lose the privilege of participating in this program as well as the privilege of using the NE-CAT beamlines.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Dr. Ali Kaya.