September Status Update

Helium-Filled Flight Path

One of the core research and development projects of the NE-CAT is low-resolution crystallography.  Design and construction of a helium cone to reduce air absorption of Bragg diffraction spots is one of the goals of this core.  A preliminary design of the cone was made and constructed in August 2014. This was used by Wayne Hendrickson group to collect highly redundant data from multiple crystals to use in S-SAD experiments.

HC1 Repair

At the end of the 2014-2 run cycle the humidity controlling device, HC1, became non-functional with symptoms of inability to reach any given humidity set point. After consulting with the manufacturer, it was decided to send the unit back for repairs. The problem was diagnosed to be a faulty wire.  This is being fixed and we expect it to be back at NE-CAT during Oct 2014.

Large Capacity Sample Automounter on 24-ID-E

During the 2014-2 run, a second large capacity sample automounter was built and during the September shutdown, the automounter was installed on 24-ID-E.  The automounter will be available for use during the 2014-3 run cycle.