October Status Update

Update on High Capacity Sample Automounters

The linear servo for the new sample automounters has arrived.  It has been tested and is functioning to our expectation. This linear servo will replace a pneumatic motor for the long, linear motion between the sample storage dewar and the goniometer.  The linear servo has the advantage of continuous monitored feedback, adjustable distance of the actuator move, and adjustable speed and acceleration of the actuator move.

New Robot Server Software

As part of the preparation for the high capacity sample automounters, we launched a project to develop a new software for controlling the automounter.  This software is developed in the C programming language by our own Jim Withrow.   It was extensively tested and de-bugged during the September shutdown period.  The new software has been found to be very stable and greatly increases the speed of sample automounter. Current sample mounting time is under a minute with further scopes for improvement.  On average, a sample can be mounted in 20 seconds, not counting drying the sample base.  If base thawing time is included, then the total time rises to 50 seconds.  This software is developed with the higher capacity sample storage dewar in mind; hence, it should provide a smooth transition to the new sample automounter.

Remote Data Collection on 24-ID-C

Starting in the 2013-3 run cycle, Remote Data Collection is available on the 24-ID-C beamline.  The web-based software suite is same as the one we implemented on the 24-ID-E beamline a year ago.   There will be incremental updates to include more advanced beamline functionality.

Controlled Dehydration Device Purchased

We have purchased the HC1 humidity control apparatus designed by EMBL-Grenoble from Maatel.  The device should be arriving in late October.  A couple of days in November have been set aside to test the device and then we anticipate in-line installation during the January shutdown.