Crystal structure of human PACRG in complex with MEIG1 reveals roles in axoneme formation and tubulin binding.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Structure, Volume 29, Issue 6, p.572-586.e6 (2021)


<p>The Parkin co-regulated gene protein (PACRG) binds at the inner junction between doublet microtubules of the axoneme, a structure found in flagella and cilia. PACRG binds to the adaptor protein meiosis expressed gene 1 (MEIG1), but how they bind to microtubules is unknown. Here, we report the crystal structure of human PACRG in complex with MEIG1. PACRG adopts a helical repeat fold with a loop that interacts with MEIG1. Using the structure of the axonemal doublet microtubule from the protozoan Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy, we propose that PACRG binds to microtubules while simultaneously recruiting free tubulin to catalyze formation of the inner junction. We show that the homologous PACRG-like protein also mediates dual tubulin interactions but does not bind MEIG1. Our findings establish a framework to assess the function of the PACRG family of proteins and MEIG1 in regulating axoneme assembly.</p>