NE-CAT Policy on Configuration Control

NE-CAT is fully committed to comply with the “Configuration Control Work Permit Policy and Procedure ( May 28, 2003)” of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) of Argonne National Laboratory, which states that “It is the responsibility of the APS users, as well as the APS personnel, to ensure that the beamline protection systems are not compromised”.

No NE-CAT member shall make changes to beamline components that are designated and tagged as “APS Configuration Control”. If changes are to be made to these components, the requests shall be made directly to Malcolm Capel, Technical Associate Director of NE-CAT, who is responsible for all work relating to the optical and safety components of all NE-CAT beamlines. If Malcolm Capel decides that changes must be made, he shall complete and submit a “Configuration Control Work Permit (Form UO-29)” to the Floor Coordinator for action as per APS policy.

In the event of a failure of a beamline component tagged as “APS Configuration Control”, the User Enable Key(s) of the affected enclosures shall be immediately removed and given to the Floor Coordinator with a description of the malfunction. Malcolm Capel must then be notified immediately or in his absence Ed Lynch, Technical Safety Captain shall be notified.

In the event of a need for immediate response due to a component failure when Malcolm Capel is unavailable, Ed Lynch or in his absence Jim Withrow have the authorization to file the Configuration Control Work Permit (Form UO-29).

Ed Lynch shall maintain a current listing of all NE-CAT components identified by the APS as under “APS Configuration Control” and keep a current listing posted on the safety boards of each beamline. He shall maintain the operation logs on any work done on components under “APS Configuration Control”.

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