NE-CAT and the APS-U

To help you continue collecting data during the APS-U down time (est. April 2023-April 2024), we are putting together a data collection program. We plan to combine proposals into Block Allocation Group (BAG) proposals at the US sources: NSLSII, MacCHESS, ALS, and SSRL. (If sufficient time is not obtainable in the US, foreign synchrotrons will be explored.) This is an alternative to submitting your own individual or BAG proposals.

Some benefits of the NE-CAT BAG Program:

  1. Much simpler proposal process for you. A short paragraph describing your project(s) should be sufficient.
  2. NE-CAT will manage the BAG, you will get access to multiple synchrotrons, and we will apportion time fairly as possible.
  3. NE-CAT staff will vet each beamline before adding it to the program, assessing capabilities and suitability to user projects.
  4. In addition to regular facility support, NE-CAT scientists will support your data collection.

If you are interested in joining the NE-CAT BAG Program, contact with:

  1. a short paragraph describing your project(s)
  2. an estimate of beam time access request per quarter
  3. any specific requirements for experimental setup / project demands

If you are seeking other synchrotron sources, the APS provides a spreadsheet listing comparable beamlines in the United States which can be used.  Download it here.

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