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September Status Update

Helium-Filled Flight Path

One of the core research and development projects of the NE-CAT is low-resolution crystallography.  Design and construction of a helium cone to reduce air absorption of Bragg diffraction spots is one of the goals of this core.  A preliminary design of the cone was made and constructed in August 2014. This was used by Wayne Hendrickson group to collect highly redundant data from multiple crystals to use in S-SAD experiments.

May Status Update

Large Capacity Sample Automounter

March Status Update

MD2 Centering Stage Repair

The centering stage for the 24-ID-C MD2 has been repaired by Maatel and re-installed.  It is working fine with no missing steps on X and Y slides.

February Status Update

New Hardware and Software for Annealing Crystals

January Status Update

MD2 Centering Stage Repair

Also during the last run cycle, we noticed that the centering stage on the 24-ID-C MD2 exhibited a level of slippage which made it unacceptable for use with crystals smaller than 10 microns.  This slippage may be a result of mechanical damage suffered by the MD2 during its initial shipment to NE-CAT which has worsened over time.  As a result, we have sent the centering stage to Maatel.  They have received it and are looking it over.  During the interim, Maatel has loaned us a centering stage.

October Status Update

Update on High Capacity Sample Automounters

The linear servo for the new sample automounters has arrived.  It has been tested and is functioning to our expectation. This linear servo will replace a pneumatic motor for the long, linear motion between the sample storage dewar and the goniometer.  The linear servo has the advantage of continuous monitored feedback, adjustable distance of the actuator move, and adjustable speed and acceleration of the actuator move.

Summer 2013 Newsletter

The Summer 2013 Newsletter is now available.